Free Market

Free Consumer

Different energy market agents have the perception that, in Brazil, the management of the energy, a commodity essential for moving the different economy sectors, is becoming more complex.

Free Contraction Environment (ACL)

Market segment where the operations of purchase and sale of power are performed, by means of bilateral contracts freely negotiated according to specific rules and procedures of commercialization.


Power cost has increased significantly in the companies’ cost chain, putting in risk the competitiveness and their respective margins.

The commercial relations in the current power market occur in two environments: Regulated Contraction Environment (ACR, in the Portuguese acronym) and Free Contraction Environment (ACL, in the Portuguese acronym).

At the ACL, the generators, traders, importers and exporters of energy and free and special consumers are free to negotiate and establish in contracts the energy purchase and sale volumes and their respective prices.

The Agreements entered at the ACL and ACR are registered at the Chamber of Commercialization of Electric Energy (CCEE).
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