Who we are

An Independent Energy Trader operating in the Brazilian Energy Market, founded by reputed market professionals with a long history of success. The management has a proven experience based in the implantation of 3 large energy desks negotiating around 50TWh.
 The company is associated with DufEnergy Trading, a Swiss multinational that operates energy markets globally, negotiating annuall 230TWh, generating an income over EUR 5.9 billion.
 Matrix monthly negotiates over 1,000 MW average, this places it as the largest independent trading company in Brazil

Matrix believes in the importance of transparency in its business and in the relationship with its partners, therefore its financial statements are audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, being the unique independent energy trading company of Brazil that has a credit rating assigned by an international agency, with a note in Long-term national "BBB (bra)" rating, with a stable outlook, granted by Fitch Ratings in May 2017, which guarantees the investment grade.
ASSOCIATED TO DufEnergy Trading

Duferco Group’s subsidiary

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